Which SDK to use to develop an autonomous drone


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  • DJI Developer Support
    First of all, about OSDK, it provides flight control function and runs on the onboard computer. The supported onboard computer platforms include ARMv7/ARMv8/X86_64, STM32. Manifold2 can be used as an onboard computer to develop OSDK, or you can choose other onboard computer for development. Since PSDK 3.x, OSDK and PSDK functions have been integrated. Using PSDK can be used for development on the OSDK port of M300, which is the same as OSDK (4.x), it supports to get video stream or stereo stream. About DJI SDK, please refer to this article: Introduction to the basic functions of DJI SDK https://sdk-forum.dji.net/hc/en-us/articles/4405255075737 and about PSDK 3.x sample runs on the M300 OSDK port, PSDK 3.0 version OSDK (OSDK 5.0) introduction and guidance https://sdk-forum.dji.net/hc/en-us/articles/4408437830041
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