M300 Telemetry data and camera related inquiries.



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  • DJI Developer Support
    Q1. It is displayed differently from the altitude value displayed on the controller. -->The height value obtained by the OSDK is not exactly the same as the display on the remote control. For the height obtained by OSDK, please refer to the following link: What is the difference between the TOPIC of OSDK subscription height value?(https://sdk-forum.dji.net/hc/en-us/articles/4402075919001) Q2. Read target set in controller -->OSDK hotpoint does not support specifying target point from remote control Q3. How to read the zoom value of the H20 camera -->OSDK can get H20 zoom parameters, please confirm 1. Double A USB is connected normally. 2. The index parameter specified by the API is consistent with the H20 mount location.
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