Live export of telemetry from remote control to PC/laptop



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  • Olli Rinta-Filppula


    Interested about this too. 

    With OSDK Expansion module, it was impossible. Tried reading from TX/RX Port, but didnt work. And got confirmation afterwards from DJI, that the data from Expansion module is encrypted :/

    With manifold its probably possible, but it adds quite a bit weight.

    And yes, external GPS seems unnessesary, when there is good gps in the drone.

    Would be interesting to capture coordinates from RC, or the flow of data with wireless. Seems quite hard.



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  • DJI Developer Support
    I suggest you consider the Mobile SDK, you can develop a mobile app to get the telemetry data from the aircraft. You can send those telemetry data to anywhere via the mobile device internet.
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  • Barathwaja S

    Hi Olli Rinta-Filppula, I highly doubt. You can get Live data feed from the OSDK Expansion Module which would cover few drones such as M300 / M30 isn't it. then why in first place they need to build such Expansion Modules and API?

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  • Jack Tribula

    Hello Nik Rocky,

    did you actually manage to get this working somehow?

    Interested in the possible solutions.

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