Why a crash ClassNotFoundException:Didn't find class "kotlin.jvm.internal.Intrinsics" has happened?



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  • quincybatten

    ClassNotFoundException is a checked exception in Java that occurs when an application tries to load a class through its fully qualified name, but the class could not be found. The class could be missing in the classpath, or it could have been compiled with a different version of the Java SDK than the one being used by the application.

    There are several ways to solve ClassNotFoundException:

    • Verify the class name: Make sure that you have spelled the fully qualified name of the class correctly.
    • Check the classpath: Ensure that the class is available in the classpath. If the class is not in the classpath, you can add it to the classpath using the -cp or -classpath option when you run the Java application.
    • Check the jar file: If the class is part of a jar file, make sure that the jar file is in the classpath and that it contains the class file. You can use the jar command to list the contents of a jar file.
    • Verify the version of Java: Make sure that the class was compiled with the same version of Java that you are using to run the application.
    • Check for missing dependencies: If the class you are trying to load depends on other classes, make sure that those classes are also in the classpath.

    If you have verified all of these things and the java exception  still persists, you may need to recompile the class and its dependencies.


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